Kristin Luck

With over 20 years of experience as a serial marketing measurement technology entrepreneur my advisory and consulting practice, ScaleHouse, focuses on nontraditional growth strategies for data driven technology firms and market research companies, as well as emerging CPG and direct-to-consumer brands. 

I understand first-hand the demands and distractions faced by business owners. I’ve also led and consulted for many high growth businesses in the U.S., U.K., Europe, and Asia Pacific in most every capacity. So I bring a perspective to growth that transcends sales and marketing and I’m exceptionally skilled at optimizing efforts and calibrating teams for growth that’s both immediate and sustainable while ensuring your company’s valuation is maximized.

In essence, I’m a Founder focused on helping fellow Founders and Executive teams scale and monetize their businesses. I know what deals look like from both sides of the table after participating in both acquisitions and exits from $30M to $175M and have over 20 years of experience scaling companies quickly while driving high valuations. I’m also passionate about supporting Founders in international markets execute their entry into the US. 

I advise and consult for high growth brands, including Voxpopme, Kelton, SameSurf, Evelyn & Bobbie and Humm Kombucha. 

Key areas of focus include:

- Scaling and growth strategy

- Product launch and positioning

- In-market optimization

- Data monetization

- Sales and marketing strategy

- Series A-C funding prep and investor intros

- Maximizing valuation and M&A

- US market entry

- Turnarounds

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Is your business or brand growth flat or not growing at the pace you’d like? Or worse, in decline? In this session, serial entrepreneur and growth strategist Kristin Luck will walk you through five easy steps to ensure your business (or brand!) is built to scale and positioned for success